Sunday, 23 August 2009

Out-of-Office - Catch up on what you missed on UKHotViews

(By Richard Holway 6.00-m Sunday 23rd Aug 09) I’ve been on a ‘bucket and spade’ beach holiday to St Ives with my family's growing band of ‘little people’. Judging by the crowds, the forecasts of ‘Staycation Britain’ were correct! Indeed, if we could guarantee the same weather as we had last week, we’d stay in the Britain every year!

A year ago, I wrote every HotViews item myself so it wasn’t produced when I was away. This year we have Anthony and a growing team of expert analysts so we have continued to produce HotViews throughout. Mind you, I wonder how many of you were around to read it! The number of ‘Out of Office’ replies to the daily HotViews emails we got last week was staggering!

But just to remind you that all HotViews items are on the website – - and the (searchable) archive is accessable to all our paying subscribers (email to find out how to become a subscriber). So, even though you might have been on holiday, you really haven’t missed a thing!

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