Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wipro Europe scoops top Fujitsu consultant

(By Anthony Miller – Thursday 20th August 2009 8:00am). Wipro has recruited Fujitsu Services Business Transformation leader, Roger Camrass, to head its own European Business Transformation practice. Camrass had been with Fujitsu since 2003 after a 5 year stint at E&Y/CGE&Y. I have met Camrass many times and rate him highly. This is a real scoop for Wipro and will add much credibility to their nascent European consulting practice.

This all came out in a meeting I had yesterday with Wipro Europe head, Ayan Mukerji. Mukerji took the post about 18 months ago and is a Wipro 'lifer' (20 years). TechMarketView subscription service clients will be able to read more about his plans for Wipro Europe in the next edition of OffshoreViews.

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