Wednesday, 4 November 2009

EU likely to stall Oracle’s Sun takeover

(By Philip Carnelley, 4 Nov 09, 11:00) The FT reports this morning that it believes that the EU is going to make a formal objection to Oracle’s proposed takeover of Sun. This is not good news for Oracle, but there’s little it can do at this stage. The irony is that the EU’s concerns are about Oracle’s acquisition of the MySQL open source database, which we’re quite sure was low on Oracle’s agenda when it bid for Sun. So Oracle may even offer to cut MySQL loose; we’re sure it won’t be a deal breaker. But as we have already commented (eg Oracle takes up the Sun server cudgels), the problem for Oracle is that Sun is currently in free fall and delays in closing the deal only make matters worse. Oracle certainly doesn’t look likely to get the company it thought it would, back in the Spring. Maybe it will try to renegotiate the Sun deal?

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