Thursday, 12 November 2009

TechMarketView website upgrade

We are delighted to announce a major upgrade to the TechMarketView website ( (Note - same address as before) This will be live on Monday 16th Nov. 09.

TechMarketView LLP update

TechMarketView only launched its first research programme in April this year but already we have around 40 Foundation Service clients including the top ranking companies in each of the sectors we cover – HP (IT services), Microsoft (Software) and BT (Telcomms). Indeed, companies responsible for around half of the UK’s SITS revenues are now TechMarketView Foundation Service clients.

HotViews is firmly established on the UK scene. The email is sent to thousands everyday and is viewed by around 10,000 people every month. It’s also a major comment source for key media like the FT, the Times and BusinessWeek.

And, of course, we have been adding to our team. It’s not just Richard and Anthony anymore. Puni Rajah is our Client Services Director. Philip Carnelley is our Software Research Director and Tola Sargeant is our Research Director with special responsibility for the Public Sector. More new joiners to be announced very soon!

TechMarketView is about to get even better!

On Monday we launch HotViewsExtra. Each morning HotViews will continue to carry our immediate views on the events of the moment. But, when we have been to the analyst briefings, talked to the CEO or have a more considered view, we will put this exclusively on HotViewsExtra. This is only available to TechMarketView Foundation Service clients who can either access it via the website or request a second HotViewsExtra email which will be sent at around 4.00pm each day.

HotViews, HotViewsExtra and our rapidly growing range of research reports (MarketViews, CompanyViews, IndustryViews, OffshoreViews, SoftwareViews and AnalystViews) now form a superb and fully searchable archive library. So if you want up to date information on a particular company or topic the TechMarketView archive should be your first port of call.

HotViews will continue to be free – but clearly TechMarketView Foundation Service clients get an even more enhanced service!

From Monday we are also enabling Comments on HotViews items. We already get loads of comments. If you still want these to be ‘not for publication’ then send them to us as normal via But if you want to share your views with 10,000 others – then post away on HotViews! They will be ‘moderated’ though to avoid the junk and libel actions!

You will notice loads of other changes on the website – like a freely available TechMarketView News section and greatly enhanced Product and Services descriptions.

For our Banner advertisers

HotViews really is one of the best ways of getting to the CXOs of the UK SITS sector – indeed anyone senior with ‘skin in the game’. We have revamped our banner advertisements so even on the email they have live hyperlinks to your very own website. Please contact us ( if you are interested in using our banner ads.

For TechMarketView Foundation Service clients only

Our TechMarketView Foundation Service clients have been asking us to change to a more industry standard ‘email address + password’ way of access. From Monday your old Username and Password will no longer work.

By Monday every TechMarketView Foundation Service client will have been emailed their new ‘email address + password’. For our larger clients with many people accessing the site, your Company Administrator has not only been given their ‘email address + password’ but this enables them to setup multiple user ‘email address + password’. On Monday, if you haven’t received your ‘email address + password’ from your Company Administrator, please contact them (not us) in the first instance. You will be able to request to receive the HotViews AND HotViewsExtra emails from your account profile on the new website.

Of course, we’d be happy to help if you have any problems. Email Puni on

Thankyou, once again, to all our many supporters. ENJOY!

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