Tuesday, 10 November 2009


(By Richard Holway 9.30am Tuesday 10th Nov 09) The many HotViews readers who attended the ITNEA Dinner at the Landmark Hotel last night will know this story. On Sunday night I was called by Jane Tozer who, amongst a host of other responsibilities like being an NED at John Lewis, heads the ITNEA (a network of Chairmen and NEDs of UK quoted IT companies) called to say that their keynote speaker for their Monday dinner, Vince Cable, couldn’t make it. Could I make a speech instead? I rather reluctantly agreed – mainly because I rate Jane and I wanted to help. So I spent a few hours scribbling some notes and set off to London. During cocktails, I was still expecting to speak. During the starter, I was still expected to speak. Then a rather hassled Vince Cable arrives in between a 3-line whip at the House. He gave his speech between courses and left before the salmon!

Jane was very fulsome in her thanks to me. I wasn’t quite sure if the audience was sorry or relieved that I hadn’t spoken. Anyway, I’ve been asked to come back to address a future ITNEA dinner!

Vince Cable was in his usual downbeat/’Prepare for the End of World’ form. I still think he prays for a hung Parliament with a Government of National Unity appointed with him as Chancellor. If so, God help anyone with a large house (the Liberals will bring in a Mansion Tax), a high income (they will soak the rich) or looking forward to making a capital gain on the sale of their business (the Liberals will equalize CGT with the top rate of income tax).

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