Sunday, 1 November 2009

Twitter ye not

(By Richard Holway 12.00pm Sunday 1st Nov 09) So Stephen Fry might be resigning from Twitter. All because a fellow Twit suggested his posts were ‘boring’. So Fry ‘blocked’ him.

As readers know I am continually trying to ‘get into Twitter’. We post many of the TechMarketView pieces on Twitter. But so do all the other researchers. Bluntly, I get a better service on this via their RSS feeds. Everyday, I wade through a morass of Twitter posts which usually saps my will to live.

With the risk of depressing Mr Fry even further, I do find the vast majority of his posts ‘Boring’. But he shouldn’t take it too badly, as I find the majority of ALL Twitter posts Boring.

For business, I can get my news feeds from other, better sources. For personal stuff, I find Facebook much better. I think it’s because of the ‘convention’ that ‘one post a day is about the max’. So the posts tend to be more interesting as a result.

So, my view would be that Twitter is a passing fad (just like it was for Mr Fry) but Facebook is probably in for the long run.

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