Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Logica reorganisation revisited

(By Richard Holway 12.00pm Tuesday 10th Nov 09) A number of readers contacted us querying my post on the new Executive Committee responsibilities at Logica. I should have made it clear that these were the new responsibilities from 1st Jan 10. Conversely, Logica should have made it clearer that this was a more extensive ‘shuffling of the deck’ than their RNS led one to believe.

Jean-Marc Lazzari had originally been appointed as global CEO of the Outsourcing line. Lazzari moves to CEO France from 1st Jan 10. The current CEO of Logica France, Patrick Guimbal, takes on the new global service line in Business Consulting. Lazzari’s place at Outsourcing is taken by Joe Hemming, who many of you will know as the current CEO of Logica UK. The role of CEO Logica UK is taken by Craig Boundy (Craig is currently CEO Global Operations)

So if you add this to the various other announcements made today, this is a pretty major reshuffle. Many of the managers have only been in their current posts for less than 18 months.
Reorganisations happen for various reasons. Indeed, some companies do this automatically each year to keep people fresh. Others value stability and experience. Others use reorganisations to clear out dead wood and/or under performing managers. Others reorganise to meet changed market opportunities. I wish I could tell you which of these applies to Logica’s reorganistion. Or perhaps they all do?
Footnote - Since writing the above we've had several comments. Yet again 'not for publication'. But one signed off with "Yet again at Logica, too many chiefs and not enough Indians" - which I thiught was rather good in the circumstances!

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