Monday, 2 November 2009

The Power of the Apple App

(By Richard Holway 9.00pm Monday 2nd Nov 09) Anyone looking for further proof of the power of the Apple App should read Pizza Hut iPhone app generates an extra $1m sales from The app has been downloaded 1m times in three months. It allows pizzas to be ordered 'on the move'. Exactly what you want to do from your 'mobile' smartphone. Pizza Hut reckons they have generated $1m extra sales as a result.

The further uses of such 'mobile' apps are infinite. Reservations, hair appointments, taxis, flights, flowers, groceries...all the kind of things you think of on the train or wherever you are outside your home/office. Of course, if you have the Pizza Hut App installed, you are less likely to order from Burger King. This 'first mover' advantage is so powerful (as Apple knows full well) A year back I signed up for Amazon Prime 'One Click' with free next day delivery. It's just so easy that it is my first port of call for almost everything I need. have now launched an Apple App - making my purchasing even easier!

Bluntly, the retailers I now pity are those that haven't woken up to the Apps Store.

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