Tuesday, 7 April 2009

HP-EDS India still a ‘game of two halves’

(By Anthony Miller – Tuesday, 7th April 2009 8:45am). I have just come off the phone to Susanto Banerjee, the CFO of Mphasis, the Bangalore-based SI some 61% owned by EDS. It’s clear to me that until HP makes up its mind what it’s going to do with Mphasis’ remaining shareholders (as in 'buy them out'), it will miss out on significant synergies between its own India-based workforce (apparently 15,000-18,000 strong) and Mphasis’ near-30,000. Together they would create an offshore ‘player’ similar in size to HCL or Satyam, which would surely strengthen the HP/EDS offshore services proposition. TechMarketView subscriber clients will be able to read more in a new OffshoreViews note due out in the next few days.

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