Wednesday, 1 April 2009

TechMarketView goes Cloud spotting

When we were plummeting down the depths of the post Y2K downturn in the early 2000’s, the IT industry bemoaned the fact that there was no ‘next big thing’ on the horizon to shake the market out of its stupor.

There is now, and it’s called Cloud Computing.

Very much like our forecasts in the early ‘90s, we (then as Richard Holway Ltd) were ahead of our time predicting the impact the internet would have on the marketplace. We gave our first predictions for Cloud back in 1996 (except it was then called ASP). Although we will be the first to admit that we got the timescale wrong for the growth in Cloud computing, we would defend the trend-line we forecast at that time and the ultimate destination.

Worryingly, too many players – especially in the software industry – are still sticking their heads in the sand! Why should we all worry? Because we believe that the majority – indeed over 70% - of the absolute growth in the UK SITS market between 2009 and 2012 will be attributable to Cloud. That’s why!

So today we are delighted to bring you not one but two new pieces of research on Cloud Computing, in our AnalystViews series. Cloud and the UK SITS market presents our latest trends and forecasts for Cloud and the UK software sector. Peering behind the Cloud sets the scene for the type of players we think can participate in the Cloud space (so to speak).
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