Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Logica scores £76m deal with the Police

(By Anthony Miller – Wednesday, 1st April 2009 8:45am). Also (we assume!) not an April Fool’s joke, Logica has just won a seven year, £76m contract to lead the design, development and operation of the Police National Database. Northgate, SunGard and Cable & Wireless are also ‘in the frame’. Whether this will come as heart-warming news to libertarians everywhere is a different matter entirely, of course. In fact, coupled with Logica’s face-recognition technology (see When does ‘innovation’ become intrusion?) maybe we could see a time when ‘criminals’ are picked out of a crowd by a passing camera-van, processed through the database and then swooped up off the streets with nary a ‘hello, hello, hello, what’s going on ‘ere then?’ from your local bobby. But why worry? Anyway, seriously, hats off to Logica UK CEO, Joe Hemming, for a great win.

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