Sunday, 5 April 2009

New from TechMarketView

We had a pretty busy week adding new research and opinion to the site for our subscribers.

We added three AnalystViews, the first two covering the conclusions resulting from our major study of Cloud Computing and how it will affect the UK SITS market.

#1 Peering behind the Cloud sets the scene. Covering the kind of services which will be offered – from data centres, through services to software to the type of players we think can participate in the Cloud space.

#2 Cloud and the UK SITS market presents our latest trends and forecasts for Cloud and the UK software sector. Our forecasts anticipate that Cloud will be responsible for over 70% of the growth in the UK SITS sector in the next four years. By 2012, Cloud will represent 15% of the UK Software market and a massive 41% of the Business Application Software market. This is really hot stuff!

Indeed we conclude the report "Just like with the internet and e-business in the 1990s, it is possible to dismiss the Cloud as a passing fad. But your customers will not! Ignoring the Cloud will sentence your company to a lingering death as the source of new revenues from new customers disappears while your established customers migrate to Cloud offerings from new suppliers. So whether you like it or not, you have to plan your own Cloud offerings now."

The third AnalystViews covered the new structure and business model for Fujitsu outside Japan under Richard Christou. This has created much interest in whether the ‘solutions-led' or 'services-led' business model is best suited to today’s requirements. Our fairly hard hitting AnalystViews basically decided that the ‘one size fits all’ approach wouldn’t work. But Fujitsu’s new Global Marketing Director - Philip Oliver – assured us that it would still be the right ‘horses for courses’ at Fujitsu.

This research (together with MarketViews and OffshoreViews already published) is only available to subscribers. We will be adding CompanyViews and IndustryViews in the near future. To become a subscriber email us on

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