Sunday, 2 August 2009

Share indices July 09

(By Richard Holway 4.00pm Sunday 2nd August 09) You cannot have missed all the euphoria about the performance of the FTSE100 this month. A near-term record 11 consecutive days of rises meant that the FTSE100 ended July 8.5% higher than it started – indeed some 31% higher than its March 09 low. Just for once, the FTSE100 led all the tech indices – on both sides of the pond. The FTSE SCS Index ‘only’ managed a 4.2% rise but that still puts it a massive 40% higher 2009 YTD. I will say, yet again, that over any medium term, the FTSE SCS and FTSE100 perform in line – so you can draw your own conclusions about what might happen next.
The FTSE SCS could have been a whole lot higher had it not been for a massive 18% slump in Autonomy’s shares (Autonomy is the highest weighted constituent of the FTSE SCS Index) I can’t really see what Autonomy did to deserve this! Looks more like investors realising that they might have ‘over egged’ things before. Anite also declined 24% on disappointing results and outlook – See our Anite betting on 4G. Elsewhere Logica put on an impressive 28% ahead of this week’s interims and as a reaction to good results from its European peers Atos and Capgemini. Outside the FTSE SCS, Morse was the star – more than doubling this month to 31p as bid talk intensifies. See our post Mixed news at Morse.

The FTSE Telcom Index put on 7% mainly on the back of a 25% increase (recovery) in BT’s stock as investors took a shine to the Q1 results. See our post – Market reacts positively to BT’s Q1 results.)

This general euphoria extended to most of the other stocks we track. HP was up 12% and Unisys continued its storming performance with an 18% rise in July. On the Continent, Atos (+32% - see our post UK star shines brightest for Atos), Steria (+30%), Capgemini (+24% See our post Capgemini talking about important things) and Sopra (+14%) all registered double-digit gains. Even SAP was up 15% - see our SAP update. Surprising as we were hardly inspired by their “Margins higher, revenues lower” guidance. The Indian stocks did even better with Satyam up 62%, WNS (+42%), Patni (+39% See our post Patni getting back on track), TCS (+35%), HCL (+30%), Wipro (+23% See our post Wipro Q1 2010 update), Infosys (+17% See our post Infosys barely less bearish on outlook),

Perhaps you can now understand our nervousness?

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