Monday, 30 March 2009

Harvey Nash founder resigns

(By Anthony Miller – Monday, 30th March 2009 7:15am). David Higgins, one of recruitment-cum-offshore services firm Harvey Nash’s founders, has stepped down as Deputy Chairman with immediate effect. I first met David quite some years ago when he was CEO; he handed the reins over to then CFO, Albert Ellis, in 2005. As it happens, I bumped into David just a couple of weeks ago at German testing company SQS’s St Patrick’s Day celebration (!) and he seemed very chipper. Not sure of the background to David’s exit so will do a bit of digging.

UPDATE (12:30 pm)

I spoke to Harvey Nash CEO, Albert Ellis, and the parting seems to be entirely amicable. Indeed, David Higgins is not cashing in his shares (I think he holds a little under 10% of the company’s stock). We wish him well.

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