Monday, 30 March 2009

New this week from TechMarketView

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To add to our first major report, MarketViews, and the first edition of OffShoreViews, last week we added an interview with Sudip Banerjee and review of his company L&H Infotech.

This week we are adding our first two AnalystViews - both on Cloud and its effect on the UK SITS sector. The first AnalystViews provide our view on how Cloud Computing will evolve to affect all areas of the UK SITS landscape. The second AnalystViews provides TechMarketView's own market-sizing and forecasts for Cloud - starting with the Software sector. Future AnalystViews will address market-sizing and forecasts for other areas of the IT Services market in the UK.

Cloud is going to be the most significant growth factor in our industry in the coming years. It is still possible to stick your head in the sand and ignore it. But it is too late - it won't go away! And you can bet your life that your competitors - both new and old - won't ignore it either.

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