Sunday, 22 March 2009

Smile – you’re on Gigapan!

(By Anthony Miller – Sunday, 22nd March 2009 11:30am). We received several comments on our Friday posting When does ‘innovation’ become intrusion? generally echoing our sentiments. Of course, it’s unlikely that you or I are likely to be able to afford, let alone implement, Logica’s facial recognition technology. But there’s good news – you may not have to! Our thanks to UKHotViews reader Geoff Chaplin for bringing to our attention this picture of Barack Obama’s inauguration on the Gigapan website. It is actually made up of 220 separate photos stitched together into a, wait for it, 1,474 megapixel image (makes my 6MP Canon 300D look a bit sick) with Google Earth-like navigation to zoom in to show individual people’s faces. If you were there, I do hope you were smiling!

Now, in case you think this technology is also out of reach to the masses, you’ll be pleased (or horrified) to know that the Gigapan robotic mount costs just $379 (including software) and, according to the blurb, “works with most point-and-shoot digital cameras”. I assume you send your cheque to PO Box 101.

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