Friday, 13 March 2009

Satyam Stakes – Runners and Riders

(By Anthony Miller – Friday, 13th March 2009 8:15am). The mounts are in the starting gates waiting for the race to begin. No, not the Cheltenham Cup, but the much more anticipated Satyam Stakes. Unfortunately the race won’t start in earnest until 20th March when the owners have to submit a detailed race plan and show they have the funds (some $300m) to last the distance, which pundits reckon could be quite a few furlongs.

According to Racing World India, three local stables have shown their colours; Tech Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro (L&T), and Spice Corp., though insiders say a number of high profile foreign owners have entered the race with mounts arriving in Special Purpose Horseboxes in case they have to be put down later for legal reasons.

Apparently, top fancied mount “Big Blue” may end up a non-runner on the supposition that the owners already have a big enough herd in India. Other pundits think “Ideation”, one of the more cerebral mounts from famous stables in Virginia, might be a starter, as may “Hurd’s Empire”, sired by Californian champion “Print-Head” and Texas brood mare, “Ross-Must-Be-Weeping”.

Whoever wins the Satyam Stakes will gallop away with ... well to be honest, no one really knows yet! But this reporter, having visited Satyam's opulent stables in Hyderabad complete with zoo gardens, can say that at worst they will be able to spend a relaxing time communing with the animals.

And for the tipsters among you, your intrepid reporter should be meeting the head of the L&T Infotech stables next week at a secret barn location but will undoubtedly not be able to give anyone the nod afterwards!

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