Thursday, 15 October 2009

Acer aces Dell

(By Anthony Miller – Thursday 15th October 2009 9:15am). The ‘usual suspect’ box-counters are in sync with Intel’s results yesterday (see Intel - Cheap as Chips) according to the FT, which reported increased PC shipments in Q3, especially for netbooks and low-cost mini-notebooks. Indeed, according to IDC, netbook-meisters Acer have now overtaken Dell as the world’s second-largest PC vendor by unit shipments. The FT also tempered its ill-conceived notion that Windows 7 will spur a business PC spending frenzy (well, I exaggerate just a tad to make the point), now saying that “(Windows 7) mass corporate adoption might wait until the second half of 2010”. We think it might wait even longer!

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