Sunday, 25 October 2009

Gone Google

(By Richard Holway 2.00pm Sunday 25th Oct 09) I don’t normally get my IT news from the Mail on Sunday but I was interested to read Jaguar turns to Google’s cloud system today. (In my defense, my wife insists on the Mail…) Google launched their Gone Google campaign last week claiming 2m enterprises had adopted its cloud systems. The Mail article references Jaguar’s 15,000 user licence and Rentokil’s 35,000 users. Rentokil claims to have replaced 180 email domains and 40 mail systems in 50 countries with a single Google based email system allowing calendars, chat, document sharing,etc.

Google Apps is now a very compelling system. Indeed, you would have to ask why any new business (like Techmarketview…) would use anything that wasn’t cloud-based. What is really impressive is to see big name enterprise users going that way too.

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