Tuesday, 27 October 2009

UK SITS M and A activity reverts to type

After the Q2 UK software and IT services ‘buying spree’, the M&A market reverted to type in Q3, with more sellers than buyers. The value of the top 10 deals involving UK SITS companies was up 16% to $617m, with the two biggest deals accounting for over half.

And that’s just a taster!

As ever, with the invaluable support of Regent Partners, TechMarketView brings you the latest round-up of M&A activity in the UK software and IT services scene, with the Q309 edition of IndustryViews M&A.

TechMarketView subscription service clients can download it right now. Everybody else, please form an orderly queue to contact Puni Rajah (prajah@techmarketview.com) who will be only too happy to let you know how you can join the cognoscenti.

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