Thursday, 29 October 2009

UK Public Sector 2010: Threats and opportunities

Today we launch not one but two AnalystViews research notes crafted by Tola Sargeant, widely recognised as one of the top analysts on the UK public sector software and IT services (SITS) market.

With public sector spending under scrutiny and the government looking for ways to save money to balance the national books, larger public sector SITS contracts are attracting unwanted attention. The Labour government is debating which projects could be sacrificed, but the risk to IT projects is significantly higher if there is a change of government at the election.

In Public sector spending cuts: Which contracts are at risk? Tola identifies over £26b worth of major UK public sector SITS contracts at risk of cancellation, curtailment or ‘de-scoping’, and calls out the suppliers most exposed.

Then in UK Public Sector 2010: Spotting the opportunities, we tell you the good news. Tola identifies the many opportunities for SITS suppliers to the UK public sector market in 2010 and where to find them. This research features Tola’s unique ‘heat map’ showing at a glance where the opportunities are and which are the hottest.

It’s really very simple. If you are supplying software, IT services or BPO to the UK public sector – or you have aspirations to do so – then you must read what Tola has to say. But only TechMarketView subscription service clients have the chance to do so. You don’t need to respond to an RFP to become a subscriber – just contact Puni Rajah ( and she will tell you how you can unlock the ‘government gateway’ to TechMarketView research!

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