Monday, 5 October 2009

Duncan Tait joins Fujitsu

(By Richard Holway 5.00pm Monday 5th Oct 09) Thanks to a reader for bringing to our attention that Duncan Tait has joined Fujitsu today as Managing Director of the UK and Ireland Private Sector Division. As such he reports into Roger Gilbert who took over as head of Fujitsu’s UK & Ireland business soon after David Courtley left last year.

Tait joins from Unisys where he was VP and MD of EMEA. Before that Tait headed HP’s outsourcing business in the UK & Ireland. Given Tait’s experience, this clearly looks good for Fujitsu.

On a more personal level, I have become rather bemused recently at the ‘musical chairs’ at the very top levels in the IT Services sector that we here at TechMarketView follow. Nick Wilson moves from heading CSC in the UK effectively becoming UK Country Manager at HP. Sean Finnan moves from heading EDS (an HP company) in the UK to a top role in IBM (and I suspect a top UK role when the non-compete runs out). We’ve had similar top level seat shuffles at BT Global Services, Logica, Atos, Steria etc. Of course, to ‘old’ analysts like Anthony and I, this is all rather beneficial. But it does make the UK SITS industry look like one big cosy family. But in today’s market, partnerships are the name of the game.

As I have said before – yesterday’s competitor is today’s partner is tomorrow’s employer!

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