Tuesday, 27 October 2009


(By Richard Holway 8.00am Tuesday 27th Oct 09) We really have had excellent coverage of our new SoftwareViews report on the UK headquatered software industry. See TechMarketView launches new Software Research Programme. To add to last week’s coverage – see It’s not all about Windows 7 – I was particularly pleased with the excellent article – British software industry is still alive - in BusinessWeek (and Silicon.com) today. A big vote of confidence in awarding our PR work to Brands2Life.

I’ve been a BusinessWeek reader for longer than I can recall and have ranked it as one of the Top Three publications that I always read. I was a bit sad when several years ago they stopped printing the European edition. So I now read it ‘for free’ online. Indeed, ‘that was the rub’. Last week BusinessWeek was in the news itself when it was bought by Bloomberg for a pretty miniscule sum – rumoured to be <$5m. See Businesweek article - Bloomberg wins bidding war for Businessweek. Businessweek was started 80 years ago just before the Great Depression. The latest ‘Great Depression’ hit it really hard and losses of $40m were recorded last year on revenues of $130m. Hence McGraw-Hill’s decision to stem the haemorrhage. Bloomberg is as good a home as you are likely to get. The combined readership will now exceed 20m unique visitors per month with over 100m page views.
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