Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Apple free publicity

(By Richard Holway 10.00pm Tuesday 29th Sept 09) I cannot think of any company in living memory that gets the ‘free’ publicity that Apple does right now. All the media, including the BBC, have carried as headline news both Vodafone and Orange being awarded contracts to carry the iPhone on their networks – much to the chagrin of the current exclusive UK carrier O2. The iPhone has attracted over 1m to O2’s UK network since its launch. Now a price war is expected. Vodafone (which we use) won’t carry the iPhone until the new year. So expect some ‘spoiler’ price plans to persuade people to delay that Xmas present until the new year.

I’ve just finished watching an intriguing programme on BBC4 about ‘Gadget upgrades’. In one scene a classroom of 10 year olds demonstrated their mobile phones. (49 out of the 50 had a mobile – the odd one out was NOT featured). Then the interviewer asked them what phone they REALLY wanted and the class erupted with just one answer…I’m sure you can guess what!

Finally, The Telegraph stokes the growing excitement with its headline Apple tablet rumoured for 19th Jan 10 launch – quoting as its ‘reliable source’ the Apple rumour site iLounge. Apparently the Tablet will have a 10.7inch screen, come in 3G and WiFi only versions (as in iPhone and iPod Touch) and be available for purchase in May/June 2010. The article goes on to make the same points as we have made on Hotviews countless times. In particular that Amazon and Sony must be fearful that the tablet will sour the prospects of the Kindle and Sony eReader (see my 24th Aug 09 post) and that Microsoft might ‘spoil the Apple party’ with the Courier (see my 24th Sept 09 post).

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