Monday, 14 September 2009


(By Richard Holway 6.00pm Thursday 14th Sept 09) Last week I was at the offices of the Financial Times on Southwark Bridge recording a podcast for release later this week when I bumped into Alan Cane. Alan was the Technology Correspondent at the FT for many years and I got to know him well. In 1992 he called me for my views on Admiral's results. "Boringly consistent" I replied. Next morning this was printed as Holway thinks Admiral's results are boring! From this was born my Holway Boring Awards - only given to quoted companies with uninterrupted earnings growth over at least a 10 year period. Sage and Capita are the only companies still to have their Boring Awards. Which shows how prestigeous they have become.

I was reminded of this today when I was sent a link asking would I apply for a job at Boring Business Systems in Florida? Well, it looks like it really exists as does its founder Mr Boring! As you can see on you too can "Find Everything Boring".
Frankly, the last two years has meant that Boring companies are looked upon with a whole new level of respect. I still love Boring! It's a great accolade. But whether Boring Business Systems will ever get a Holway Boring Award is questionable!

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