Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New research from TechMarketView

There’s lots to read in our latest OffshoreViews Quarterly Review, published today. As usual, we summarise the financial performance of the leading India-based SIs and, for the first time, we have broken out Testing Services metrics for some of the players. And here’s a number to think about. The Top 7 players alone is now employ over half a million staff offshore and onshore. Some are still seeing double-digit headcount growth, and attrition is down to ‘just’ 11-12%. It’s a different world out there.

Plus you’ll see excerpts from conversations I’ve had with top managers in the leading players: Sanjiv Gossain (VP UK at Cognizant), Ayan Mukerji (Head of Europe at Wipro), Brian Stones (EVP, EMEA at Patni) and AS Lakshminarayanan (VP Europe at TCS). There’s some interesting insights on what’s driving their strategies for the UK and European marketplace.

And there’s more. We bring you up to date with the current offshore status for some of the leading European SIs (Logica, Steria, Atos Origin and Capgemini), and we raise the question as to how far should they go with their offshore/onshore mix.

Finally there’s a handy click-through index of recent Offshore-related postings in the UKHotViews Archive.

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