Thursday, 10 September 2009

Correction - Communisis

(By Richard Holway 10.00pm Thursday 10th Sept 09) Sorry, I had finger trouble in my note on Stephen Vaughan's departure from Communisis this morning. I wrote that "Communisis shares had crashed from a year high of 155p to c20p". The extra '1' got in there by mistake. Communisis shares actually crashed from 55p to c20p this year.

Thanks to Steve Vaughan for pointing this out to me. At least he has retained his sense of humour by writing "While I agree that things could have gone better, it's really not true to say our price crashed from 155 to 20 - perhaps 55 to 20 doesn't sound that much better, but it has the benefit of being accurate!".

Perhaps it would be unchariable, therefore, to also point out that Communisis' shares were 85p when the announcement of Vaughan's appointment was made on 4th Oct 2006.

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