Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Goodbye EDS. Hello HP Enterprise Services

(By Richard Holway 2.30pm Wednesday 23rd Sept 09) HP has just announced that EDS, which it acquired a year back, is to be renamed HP Enterprise Services. See HP press release.

In addition Technology Solutions Group (TSG) will be renamed the HP Enterprise Business. "This group is focused on business and government organizations of all sizes. In addition to enterprise services, its portfolio includes servers, storage, software, networking and technology services".

Good comment on this in today's New York Times.

I've been in IT for 43 years and EDS has been around for all of that time (47 years to be precise). So this is quite a moment to be added to so many other great tech names which have been 'retired' in the name of progress. Mind you Electronic Data Systems does sound pretty dated nowadays. HP Enterprise Services, of course, sounds much more like the real rival IBM Global Services. If you remember BT had IBM in their sights when they named BT Global Services. Proving that leopards can change their name but not their spots.

Lately I've reported on many EDS retirements and leavings. I've lamented on the decades of contacts, networks and downright experience that has evaporated from EDS. I happen to think, just as we have reported in the last day on Dell's acquisition of Perot, that the way that Services and Products companies should be managed is different.

We will bring you more on this later today after we have spoken to management.

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