Wednesday, 30 September 2009

NHS IT localisation: A world of opportunity?

Six years after the English NHS IT market was effectively closed to new entrants by the £12 billion National Programme for IT in the NHS, there are once again opportunities for a new tranche of suppliers to get a piece of the action. As NHS IT becomes more localised – a process that would be accelerated by a Conservative government – software and IT services (SITS) suppliers with an interest in the UK healthcare market should be taking a fresh look at the sector.

In TechMarketView’s latest AnalystViews note, NHS IT ‘localisation’: A world of opportunity?, Tola Sargeant examines the trend towards localisation in NHS IT and the opportunities it creates for SITS suppliers. Chief among them is the upcoming Southern Choice Project, which will choose replacements for former LSP Fujitsu and its main application provider Cerner in the south of England. This procurement alone could be worth as much as £1 billion to suppliers. ‘NHS IT ‘localisation’: A world of opportunity?’ analyses this and other areas of opportunity, identifying suppliers that are likely to benefit, and considers the implications of a change in government and cuts in government spending.

Of course, NHS IT ‘localisation’: A world of opportunity? is only available to TechMarketView subscription service clients, so don’t end up as the English Patient – contact Puni Rajah ( to find out how you can keep market-fit!

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