Monday, 7 September 2009

Kofax lays out FY10 plans and acquires in US

(By Anthony Miller – Monday 7th September 2009 8:45am). Document capture and management player, Kofax, appears to have got through the rest of its FY (to 30th June) without further surprises (see here) after resetting investor’s expectations mid-May (see Gloomier news from Kofax). They also announced the acquisition of VC-backed, Boston-based workflow software firm, 170 Systems, for $43m ($33m net of cash), with $30m cash up front. Kofax management has done much soul-searching this year and have revamped their mission statement (hmmm) and refocused their strategy. Anyway, our very own Phil Carnelley is on the way to the briefing as I write and he will tell you much more later today.

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