Sunday, 6 September 2009

It's only Rock and Roll, but we like it

(By Richard Holway 7.00pm Sunday 6th Sept 09) Although I'm primarily known as a software and IT services analyst, I know that there are other subjects that arouse more interest amongst sector CEOs. The two that top the list in my discussions are Apple and Rock music. So I make no excuses in warning you that the 9th Sept 09 this week could be significant for both.

Firstly, Apple has chosen that day for a media event around the iPod and iTunes. Secondly, it's the release date for 13 remastered CDs of Beatles songs. Thirdly, it's the release date, for the first time ever, of The Beatles: Rock Band video game.

The intrigue comes from "Why are these three events all happening on the same day?". The conspiracy theorists are putting them all together as evidence that Apple is, for the first time, going to make all the Beatles music (at long last) available via iTunes. But, if that's the case, why send out the invites with the title of a Rolling Stones track "It's only rock and roll, but we like it?". There again, Rock Band is only available on the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 - not on Apple. Or perhaps that's about to change too?

Oh, the excitement and suspense! Must get back to writing about Life and Pensions BPO to calm me down.

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