Friday, 11 September 2009

Oracle takes up the Sun server cudgels

By Philip Carnelley, 11 Sep 09, 09:45) As we have noted, Sun’s server business is disappearing in front of Oracle’s eyes (see A downbeat end for Sun Microsystems). Global server sales have fallen dramatically, due to the combination of: ever-falling prices (Moore’s Law); reduced customer budgets; and increasing utilization, reducing need for new hardware (through virtualization). These general factors are combining with the specific: customer uncertainty about Oracle’s plans for Sun. As the Americans would say, it’s the perfect storm.

However the ever-pugnacious folk at Oracle aren’t taking things lying down. Now that they know that the deal won’t close this month, thanks to the EU (Oracle must wait – perhaps until 2010 – for approval to buy Sun) they have decided to take the battle to their (potential) hardware opponents right now, rather than wait for Oracle World in October. So far all we have seen is a prominent ad in the Wall Street Journal (see right). In a way, the ad says it all. Interesting that it’s targeted at IBM but not HP. The ad is succinct – but we’re sure we’ll hear a lot, lot more of this in the weeks to come.

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