Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Texas Tango (2)

(By Anthony Miller – Wednesday 23rd September 2009 9:30am). There’s been some very supportive analyst commentary about Dell’s proposed acquisition of Perot Systems (see Dell, Perot try the Texas Tango), but I still don’t get it. Some commentators believe that Dell’s global scope will somehow rub off on Perot’s rather limited geographical coverage (nearly 90% of Perot’s revenues derive from the US). But how does this help? If Perot doesn’t have the service delivery capability in those other geographies, what does it matter how many countries Dell operates in? Other analysts talk about the complementary nature of the two businesses. OK, then, so how does the sales pitch work? “Hello, Mr Customer, I’m from Dell. We make great laptops - how’s about we develop and maintain your mission-critical SAP systems?" Am I missing something here?

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