Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bankers don’t have their heads in the Cloud!

It’s still far too early to expect any of us to be doing business with the ‘Universal Bank of the Cloud’. At least that’s the conclusion we drew from our research among banking sector business and IT leaders at a recent client conference hosted by banking software firm, Temenos. We wanted to get a sense of the sentiment in the banking sector towards Cloud computing. Perhaps not surprisingly, we found a wide range of views ranging from total ignorance to quite strident opposition, especially for the delivery of core banking systems. Our findings may not bring much cheer to the proponents of Cloud computing, but we do think they reflect the current state of play. Anyway, you can see our thoughts in our new AnalystViews note, Banking in the Cloud. Of course, you need to be a client of the TechMarketView subscription service to see this. If not, Puni Rajah (prajah@techmarketview.com) would be delighted to hear from you.

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