Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sky reinforces Beer Syndrome

(By Richard Holway 8.00am Thursday 30th July 09) Further to our long running Beer Syndrome series (latest edition Click here) - where since Oct 2007 we have said that "Staying in is the new Going out" - Sky today have yet again provided 'proof of concept'.

Today BSkyB has announced results for year to 30th June 09. Sky's subscriber revenues are up 10% in the year (to £4.1b). They added 124,000 new subscribers in Q4 (to 9.4m) and Sky HD subscribers doubled to 1.3m.

Although this is exactly in line with my Beer Syndrome one might expect hard up stay-at-homers to opt for FreeView. But, just like with Apple, it appears that if you have a desirable product (in Sky's case - Sports) then customers will find the money. Obviously in this case by not going out!

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