Thursday, 23 July 2009

Twittering Sage

(By Richard Holway 10.30am 23rd July 09) I had many emails (and tweets!) from readers alerting me to Paul Stobart's (CEO at Sage UK) one hour Twitterfon yesterday.

I think the whole affair was summed up rather well in the FT today Twitter Sage - which reads:

There was further evidence that Twitter is not the medium for teenagers but for the middle-aged as Sage UK boss Paul Stobart , in his early 50s, held a Twitter event. He tweeted for an hour, answering questions from customers, resellers and competitors.

His messages - including that "acquisition remains on our agenda, but only if conditions and price are right" - were on the banal side but Panmure analyst George O'Connor waxed lyrical, saying he was "delighted Sage is taking an early stab at Twitter" urging readers to explore it as well. Which could further raise the average age of users.

I couldn't have put it better myself! But none of this changes the views of this 'middle aged user' on Twitter. I have tried and tried to get into it. But its shere volume of banality just drives me away. Facebook is so much better, purely because you tend to get no more than one status update per day per 'friend'. That's more than enough for me!

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