Sunday, 12 July 2009

Please give me the name of Vin Murria's PR agent!

(By Richard Holway 4.00pm Sunday 12th July 09) The Vin Murria PR offensive is in full swing (see our earlier comment on 29th May 09 about Vin’s wonderful coverage in the FT – AIM’s or Vin’s strengths) with a truly excellent full page spread in today’s Sunday Times My prescription for the NHS .

I have to admit to a soft spot for Vin. I feel we should connect her to the National Grid as a way of solving our energy requirements for years to come. As a General Partner at Elderstreet I benefited from her four and half years at Computer Software Group (CSG). Now Vin is doing it all over again at Advanced Computer Software (ACS) where, alas, I don’t have a stake - yet. To Vin’s credit, she has passed over much of the gain she might make from ACS to her Indian charity.

I chuckled at the closing paragraph of the article – as it is exactly the comment one expects from Vin:

Along the way, she has picked up plenty of advice — some of it about why she would fail. “Someone said, ‘You are Asian, you are female and you are young.’ Well, I’ve managed to fix one of those things,” the 46-year-old says with a big grin.
Footnote - Since publishing this post, College Hill have answered the question posed in the headline...

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