Monday, 27 July 2009

iTablet for Christmas?

(Richard Holway 7.00am Monday 27th July 09) I've talked about the Apple iTablet before here on HotViews. Now the FT today - Apple targets new player revolution - is openly talking of a Sept/Oct launch in time for the Christmas market.

Think iPod Touch with a 10 inch screen. WiFi not mobile. It would obviously be a boom for movie watching and game-playing. But it would also allow the return of the 'CD sleeve' as well as posing a major threat to the Amazon Kindle (book reader).

Apple has said that it doesn't want to compete in the netbook space. But the iTablet would offer an ultra light alternative to a netbook although the price range is likely to be $600-$1000. I can think of a number of the Holway clan who would say whoopee to an iTablet in their Christmas stocking!

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