Sunday, 12 July 2009

Nick Wilson

(By Richard Holway 4.00pm Sunday 12th July 09) In my post, Nick Wilson departs CSC last week I said I’d tell you where he was going once it was verified. I guess one of the most frustrating parts of my job over these last 20 years has not been knowing something but not being able to divulge it – keeping confidences has been something I have proudly guarded. The most frustrating thing is being asked to keep something confidential and then finding it splashed all over the papers before I can inform our clients! I cannot tell you how many times this has occurred.

Anyway, as you will no doubt have read in Computer Weekly, Microscope etc, Wilson is ‘tipped’ to take over from Steve Gill as head of HP/EDS in the UK. Of course, HP has not officially confirmed this yet and therefore neither can we! As we reported on 22nd June, Steve Gill is to depart HP UK to take up a new role heading HP in South Korea.

As our subscribers can read in CompanyViews, HP’s acquisition of EDS makes the combo the #1 provider of SITS to the UK market (ahead of IBM, the previous #1) But, of course, HP (like IBM) is far more than ‘just’ SITS. So this role is as important as it gets in TMV’s firmament. Assuming Wilson gets the position, it’s positive that the role has gone to an out-and-out IT services man. I’ve always found that products people are pretty lousy at running services businesses. On the otherhand, HP's UK head will take on a big products portfolio too!

It’s also interesting that HP didn’t fill the role internally. But, as we reported on 21st May 09, Sean Finnan who headed EDS UK departed to join IBM. So HP had a big services hole to fill – and Nick would undoubtedly be a top-notch catch for that role. HP will be as pleased to get Wilson as CSC are sad to see him go.

From my own viewpoint, it is fascinating to see the jobs merry-go-round. Wilson from IBM UK to Unisys to CSC to HP/EDS as Finnan moves from EDS to IBM. Maybe that’s why the UK SITS sector is such a friendly place. Your competitor yesterday is your partner today and your new employer tomorrow!

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