Monday, 20 July 2009

Is the IT industry doing enough for disabled entrepreneurs?

(By Richard Holway 4.00pm 20th July 09) I, like quite a few HotViews readers, am involved with the Information Technologists Company (ITC). Alistair Fulton, who many of you will also know from his illustrious career at Triad, has asked me to inform you that ITC is holding a debate on 7th October 2009 on the subject of “ This House believes that it is Harder for Disabled Entrepreneurs to start up in Business and Compete in the Digital Age”.

Disabled people often find it very difficult to get employment and, out of desperation, many of them start up a business. Modern technology should make it easier for them – but is that, in fact, the case?

A recent survey conducted by the ITC has shown that many disabled people are unaware of the business opportunities provided by web 2.0 technology and also that technology can be a prohibitive cost for disabled people.

The debate is intended to air these and other issues and to debate whether the IT industry is doing enough to make it easy for disabled people become entrepreneurs. There is an impressive line-up of debaters and speakers to argue both sides of the debate.

Alastair says “This is an excellent sponsorship opportunity for IT or other companies who wish to be seen supporting this particular aspect of business start-up. A very modest £5,000 sponsorship is required to make the debate a success and will appeal to those in Web 2.0 offerings which assist early stage businesses or disabled people using technology.”

We are happy to help. If you are interested, please contact Alistair Fulton at or 07710 481110 for further information.

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