Friday, 24 July 2009

My part in Facebook's downfall

(By Richard Holway 7.00am 24th July 09) Thankyou to the reader who brought the recent survey by iStrategy Labs to my attention. They had researched Facebook's Social Ads platform and had come to conclusion that the number of users over 55 had grown by a staggering 500% in the last six months. Conversely 16% fewer school leavers and 22% fewer university students were using Facebook.

The conclusion was that, as Facebook is now mainstream with over 250m users worldwide, young people do not want to belong to the same 'club' as their parents or grandparents. I have to admit that the wide age usage of Facebook is its great attraction to me. iStrategy Labs does not say where the youngsters are now going.

So, sorry if my Facebook affection has driven its core users away!

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