Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Chocolate Syndrome replaces Beer Syndrome?

(By Richard Holway 8.00am Wednesday 29th July 09) Followers of my Beer Syndrome series (for latest ramblings see my 27th July 09 post - Beer Syndrome still alive and kicking ) will know "Staying in is the new Going out". Clearly I'm most interested in how this affects the way we 'consume' tech. But it looks as if we consume other things whilst sat in front of our new LCD TV watching Sky HD or playing with our IPod Touch games downloaded from the Apple Apps Store. As the BBC reports - Stay at home boosts Cadbury - looks like we are eating much more chocolate with Cadbury's UK sales up a pretty amazing 12% in H1 2009.

So maybe I should change my theme to the Chocolate Syndrome? Although I'm unsure which is the least healthy!

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