Friday, 19 June 2009

BT snippets

(By Richard Holway 9.00am 19th June 09) Three BT-related items caught my eye:
- Patricia Hewitt has been elevated to senior independent director at BT where she will earn £110Kpa. Must admit I’ve never been a great fan of Hewitt since running up against her patronising manner at the DTI.

- BT is apparently going to great lengths to avoid the compulsory redundancies that it really should have had the courage to implement some time ago. Latest plan is to ‘lend employees to competitors’. I do fully realise that it can often cost the equivalent of 1+ years salary to ‘let someone go’. But adjusting the cost base and allowing for a renewing of the skill-set are pretty key to any dynamic business.

- BT Global Services has announced the launch of a new virtual data centre service designed to give organisations access to cloud-based virtual server, storage, security and networking capabilities. Given that Cloud and Networked services go hand in glove, this appears a natural for BT. But it could pitch them up against some massive players like Amazon and Google. We will watch developments with interest.

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