Sunday, 7 June 2009

Prepare for a Conservative Government – Sooner or Later?

(By Richard Holway 6.00pm 7th June 09) I, like the rest of the UK population, have watched in amazement at the way the politicians of our country has behaved in the past few weeks. “You couldn’t make it up” seems to be an apt response.

Whatever your politics, it is a sad time to see an institution sink to such depths. With Labour getting a real drubbing in the European Elections, clearly the chances of a Conservative Government are now somewhat enhanced.

To that end, last week we published a major two-part review into how a Conservative Government might affect the fortunes of the UK SITS sector. Part One is our own views and predictions using our normal research methodology which included interviews with the Shadow Minister responsible for Delivery. Part Two is a new departure for us in that it contains your views. Riveting reading!

These reports are only available to our paying subscribers. If you want to sign up, email puni on

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