Sunday, 7 June 2009

A spoonful of Sugar does NOT help the medicine go down!

(By Richard Holway 6.00pm 7th June 09) So Sir Alan Sugar is to be made a peer and become the ‘small business tsar’.

I am really appalled by this!

I have spent 40+ years managing and motivating teams of people – in big as well as small companies. I have never engaged in bullying. I have promoted just as many woman as men. I have believed in building happy teams. I think that the carrot is mightier than the stick. Teams are where people help one another – not stab them in the back. Indeed, almost everything I believe in is the opposite of what I see on the Apprentice.

Although I had much admiration (indeed I was a user) of the Amstrad PC in the 1980s, Sugar never managed to build on this base. His wealth since has been based on property speculation and development – and readers know my views on that too! Basically, I think that is at the root of much of the UK’s problems.

On top of that, he seems to have a mantra which says “the cheapest product/bid is the best”. That is nonsense! The reason why Apple and BMW (to name but two favourites in the Holway household) have succeeded is because they have the best, quality products – not the cheapest.

If Gordon Brown thinks this appointment will win the hearts of small business owners in the UK – well, he’s failed with at least one of them!

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