Wednesday, 10 June 2009

No identity crisis at Intercede!

(By Philip Carnelley – Wednesday 10th June 2009 9:30am). Intercede, maker of software for “identity and credential management software” more than doubled its revenues in the year to 31st March ‘09, from £2.8m to £5.7m (see here). It also turned a small loss into a healthy profit of £1.5m at the operating level and closed the year with almost £4m of cash in the bank.

Intercede, which has its roots in smartcard software, has extended its reach into a fully fledged, workflow driven identity management system. Despite its small size, this ‘little British battler’ has done well in its specialist niche: blue-chip customers include 10 US Federal agencies, two US financial services companies, and a national ID card programme in a middle Eastern country, and it is involved in our own NHS programme. Intercede also has partners with clout in this space, including Verisign and Lockheed Martin (which is also am Intercede customer, for Lockheed’s own internal ID badge system).

As we all have recently seen with other companies in this space, management of identity and risk is a key issue for government and commercial companies. We hope to see great things of Intercede in the future – that is, if a larger player doesn’t snap it up.

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