Friday, 12 June 2009

Public sector spending cuts

(By Richard Holway 7.00am 12th June 09) The political debate, in the last few days, has centred around the public sector spending cuts which may, or may not, be made in the next Parliament. I've found the statements made somewhat disingenuous. With a huge public debt, to be at least serviced and - hopefully - reduced, public sector spending will have to be reduced whoever forms the next Government. The British public is intelligent enough to know that and needs to be treated as such in the current debate. What the priorities are will vary by political leaning. Also 'cuts' do not have to mean 'reduced services'. The Private Sector has done 'more for less' for years. The Public Sector can do too.

Our latest two part AnalystViews - The Effect of a Conservative Government on UK SITS - addresses many of these issues and looks at the threats and the opportunities that reduced public expenditure will have on our sector. The reports - which are available only to TechMarketView subscribers - have been received very well. Call Puni on to 'join the club'.

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