Friday, 26 June 2009

SQS back on even keel for now

(By Anthony Miller – Friday 26th June 2009 7:45am). We didn’t have time to include this yesterday, but after last month’s surprise profit warning (see Testing services slowdown prompts SQS profit warning), the self-styled ‘world’s largest supplier in independent software testing and quality management services’, SQS, reckons it’s back on an even keel, reporting trading ‘in line’ with management expectations. CEO Rudolf van Megen noted resumption of ‘several’ large Financial Services IT projects and believes their core German, UK and Nordic regions have stabilised. As we said at the time, we think SQS also got caught short with not enough India-based delivery, so even if the testing services market is no longer in decline (a moot point), SQS could still have a tough time holding margins as more offshore-heavy players (including, of course, the India-based usual suspects) turn up the heat.

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