Monday, 8 June 2009

TechMarketView announces UK SITS Rankings

We are proud to announce the publication of our inaugural TechMarketView CompanyViews UK SITS Rankings Report. In our various guises as Richard Holway Ltd, Ovum Holway, and now TechMarketView, we have spent over twenty years pouring through the financial reports of hundreds of publicly quoted and privately held software and IT services companies operating in the UK market. We also meet many CEOs eyeball-to-eyeball—and speak to heaps more—to get the most accurate reading we can on their business performance. The rankings in this report have been built from the ground up using our tried and tested methodology, and we believe them to be the most authoritative in the industry.

Here’s the headlines.

HP/EDS cemented its position at the top of the table and is unlikely to get dislodged any time soon. The merger represents the first ‘big eats big’ consolidation in our sector—and we are sure it won’t be the last! With an otherwise pretty static rankings, the only new entrant this year is Xchanging which dislodged Unisys from its long residency among the UK SITS Top 20. Also notable is Fujitsu, replacing Capgemini in the Top 5.

The ‘ownership’ of the UK SITS Top 20 makes interesting reading, with just 5 entrants UK headquartered. The top three India-based SIs, TCS, Infosys and Wipro, have staked a firm claim in the rankings. It’s moot whether they can sustain double-digit growth this year, but we would be very surprised if they didn’t gain share and move further up the table. Indeed, with Satyam just about under its belt, Tech Mahindra could well join them next year.

Not only do you get the entire UK SITS Top 50 rankings (with revenues of course), you’ll also see the rankings for the UK IT Services/BPO Top 40, the UK IT Services Top 40, the UK BPO Top 20 and the UK Software Top 20, plus, our insightful comments on the prospects for the leading players.

CompanyViews is only available to TechMarketView subscription service clients. If you are not among them, please contact Puni Rajah ( who will gladly show you the path to true enlightenment.

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