Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Misys sales and services chief defects to partner

(By Anthony Miller – Tuesday 2nd June 2009 7:45am). Misys has lost its sales and services chief, Eileen McPartland, to Allscripts, the US medical software player which it merged with its own healthcare business last year. McPartland moves to Allscripts as COO. She joined Misys from Oracle in Jan. ’07 and had done a pretty creditable job of reshaping Misys’ services operations into something resembling ‘fit for purpose’ (or three purposes, I suppose, given Misys’ diversified business lines). Indeed, Misys services revenues grew 11% (pro forma) in the first nine months of its FY (to Feb. ’09), with fastest growth (19%) in the merged Misys/Allscripts business.

There has been no statement as yet from Misys CEO Mike Lawrie as to how he is going to fill the gaps left by McPartland’s departure. Frankly, each of Misys’ businesses are so different from the other that Lawrie may choose to strengthen sales and services management in each and appoint an existing plc exec more as an overseer, but we shall see.

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